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Social Networking

District / School Facebook or Twitter Pages, Instagram, or SnapChat

Please fill out the SHEET at the link below for any "Social Networking" site you plan to use in your classroom.

BCPS Social Networking Permission Form


As most of you are aware, all BCPS schools now have a Facebook “Page” that is also directly linked to a Twitter profile.  The Facebook page is not a group so you don’t have to be given permission to see the items on this page.  All you have to do is hit the LIKE button on the page you wish to be a “fan” of and you will begin to see that Facebook Page’s posts in your Facebook “Home” Newsfeed.  Same with Twitter - click Follow and you begin to see the Twitter posts in your newsfeed.  These are great sources of information such as school delays or closings, important news, acknowledgements, resources, and/or current events.  

Here are some of the direct Facebook links to our District sites:

Bullitt County Public Schools -

BCPS Technology -

BCPS Instructional Coaches -

To find a School’s Facebook page, go to the school website and click the Facebook LIKE button located on that page.  You will then begin to get the newsfeeds for that school.  There are other similar school pages floating around that have been created by others, but please note that the “official BCPS page” is the one linked to the school’s website.  You are free to LIKE as many pages as you wish to show up in your newsfeed.

Creating a "Fan" Page for your Classroom:

If you need the permission form for creating a Social Networking "Fan" Page, please see below.  If you have any questions regarding a "fan" page, please contact your TIS.

BCPS Social Networking Permission Form

We have attached a document below explaining the differences between a Facebook Page and a Facebook Group.  The AUP states that if you plan to create a Facebook page for educational/classroom use, it must be a PAGE and not a Group

Facebook Page vs. Facebook Group


Here is an excerpt from our Board Approved policy section 08-2323:  

In order for District employees and activity sponsors to utilize a social networking site for instructional, administrative or other work-related communication purposes, they shall comply with the following:

1. They shall request prior permission from the Superintendent/designee.

2. If permission is granted, staff members will set up the site following any District guidelines developed by the Superintendent’s designee.

3. Guidelines may specify whether access to the site must be given to school/District technology staff.

4.  If written parental consent is not otherwise granted through AUP forms provided by the District, staff shall notify parents of the site and obtain written permission for students to become “friends” prior to the students being granted access.  The permission shall be kept on file at the school as determined by the Principal. 

5.  Once the site has been created, the sponsoring staff member is responsible for the following:

a. Monitoring and managing the site to promote safe and acceptable use; and

b. Observing confidentiality restrictions concerning release of student information under state and federal law.

Staff members are prohibited from extending invitations to or accepting invitations from students on any “personal social networking sites” that does not serve a legitimate professional, educational, or religious purpose unless the student’s parent/guardian has knowledge of the communication and gives specific permission for same. Staff members may create a classroom “fan or professional” page to communicate with students and parents information directly relating to classroom and school activities. The staff member’s “fan or professional” page shall be separate from his/her personal networking page. Employees creating such “fan or professional” pages are responsible for all content posted on the website. Any social networking site, blog or other emerging technology used to communicate with students and parents shall include the disclaimer ““The Official BCPS Board Approved page for ______ (name of school or classroom) in ______ (city), KY.  This site is not monitored on a 24/7 basis”.


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